Bharat Joda Nyaya Yatra: Rahul Gandhi sipped tea in ‘Dehati Hotel’, faces of workers lit up after meeting him

Bharat Joda Nyaya Yatra: Rahul Gandhi sipped tea in 'Dehati Hotel', faces of workers lit up after meeting him

Kasmar (Bokaro), Deepak QueryEvery time Congress chief Rahul Gandhi goes on a visit to a village or metropolis, he stays within the media headlines attributable to his distinctive fashion. This time, through the Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra, when Rahul Gandhi was going from Bokaro in the direction of Ramgarh on NH, he instantly stopped at a tea-pakoda store in a country lodge on the financial institution of NH in Dantu of Kasmar block. Acquired all the way down to the lodge and sipped tea with my buddies and likewise loved biscuits.

Resort supervisor is pleased to fulfill Rahul Gandhi

Resort proprietor Mukesh Kumar informed that when instantly some folks of his group knowledgeable him about Rahul Gandhi’s arrival that Rahul Gandhi will drink tea in his lodge, he was shocked. There was no restrict to his happiness after listening to this. This was a matter of fine fortune for him. Resort supervisor Ashok Bedia informed that Rahul Gandhi shook arms with him and requested about his well-being. He informed that he’s very pleased to fulfill Rahul Gandhi. They stayed for about half an hour. The group members ate tea and biscuits price about two thousand rupees. Since this was a easy lodge in a abandoned place, the employees and villagers couldn’t get a clue about it. Neither did anybody anticipate this. That is the rationale why folks couldn’t learn about it. Individuals following within the convoy felt that Rahul had stayed for some welcome program.

Heat welcome given to Rahul Gandhi

Right here, the villagers enthusiastically welcomed Rahul Gandhi, who set out on the Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra in Kamlapur and Dantu of Kasmar block in addition to in Bahadurpur. Throughout this era, Rahul Gandhi was welcomed by the Congress Get together by placing up banners, hoardings and cutouts at dozens of locations alongside the routes via which the Nyaya Yatra handed. Other than this, folks standing on the roadside welcomed Rahul Gandhi by showering flowers on him. In Dantu, Kasmar Block President of Congress Get together Ramesh Chandra Maharaj, former Block President Ashok Rajak, Makin Ahmed, Akhtar Ansari, Meena Rai, Lalu Karmali, Imran Ansari, Malu Karmali, Bhusia Devi, Savita Devi, Meena Devi, Jamil, Champa, Maneka. Devi and others welcomed Rahul Gandhi.

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